This project is about differentiating between love, lust, and apathy in the digital age. We all want to make a connection and with the internet, social media, and smart phones we are able to do so comfortably from the safety of our homes; alone.

We can be both emotionally and physically intimate while being completely isolated. But at what cost are we afforded this comfort and how can we understand our desires when there is so much distance between us? Am I in love with this person or do I merely lust for this image of them? Do they care either way?

Pictures of our most private parts can be easily shared, but we are left wanting more. We long for an affair but settle for having just a "thing". Can we find passion amidst this sea of memes and platitudes? The answer, somehow is yes; and Touching from a Distance explores this search for human connection while in dimly, iPhone lit rooms.