In April of 2023 I traveled abroad to Japan for the first time, and while I was there my horizons broadened exponentially. One of the most impactful realizations I made was that in Japanese cultural the act of making is equally as important as the end result produced. So when I returned home I took inspiration from all of the art I had seen and started to create my own natural dyes using matcha, turmeric, blueberries etc. in order to make paintings to live side by side with the images I had made while I was traveling. Making these paintings forced me to sit with each of my pictures for hours at a time, allowing me to relive the experience and maintain my faltering memories.

This is a current work in progress which I hope to publish as a book in the future. This work was exhibited during a group show at THESE DAYS Gallery in Los Angeles, CA and was hung in a way which pays homage to Japanese hanging & viewing methods.

︎ @jewishsoundingname
          Los Angeles, CA